10th Anniversary New Year’s Eve Livestream Event Schedule

— 7:00 PM —

Dianne Travis-Teague

Harry Grammer

Olivia Happel
Introduction & Comments + Toast

Lorraine Warren
Land Acknowledgement

Eleanor Fishburn
Chumash Blessing

Joseph Cambray
Pacifica Updates & Toast for 2022

Heather McCloskey Beck
Speaking to the power and beauty of transiton that all we, individually and collectively,
experienced in this past year.

Alexandra Rusu with Minh Tran
Audio-visual art presentation

Alma Ortiz with Minh Tran
Presenting visual-audio art.


— 8:15 PM —

Toast Live!
Open mic and contributions from the PGIAA Community


— 9:15 PM —

Catherine Ann Jones
The Way of Story: the Craft & Soul of Writing

Stephen Aizenstat
Remembrance – A Tribute to Robert Bly

Harry Grammer

Alia Aizenstat
Youth, Technology & Mental Health

Stephanie Zajchowski & Joanna Gardner
Highlights from this year’s Mythologium and an excerpt of writing your Soul’s Resume

Minh Tran
Theatrical reflections on 2021.
Introducing, HOWARD, a new social-artistic concept.

Harry Grammer


— 11:45 PM —

Dianne Travis-Teague
Gratitude Toast Live!


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