Santa Barbara Travel

Santa Barbara Travel is a family-owned and managed business that has been a prominent member of the travel industry for over 73 years. We are highly involved in the local community, we see our clients as family and strive to make their travel planning process enjoyable, exciting and executed flawlessly. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, a sports team, or a multi-generational family reunion our goal is to provide the best service and experience that is imaginable. Our staff is the backbone of our company. They put their all into making sure everything is done seamlessly and that our clients return home wishing they stayed longer. With our iconic location on State Street, our office nestled in the heart of the beautiful Montecito hills, and our satellite agents across the US, we are accessible at all times. Since 1947 Santa Barbara Travel has been servicing the local Santa Barbara area and clients around the world.


Depth Psychology Alliance

Depth Psychology Alliance is a global online village for discussion and development of Depth Psychology ideas and perspectives, as well as a place to connect with like-minded colleagues, old and new. Find a vast library of videos, blogposts, and community forums, as well as occasional live community conversations about relevant topics using a depth psychological perspective. Director James Newell, Ph.D. offers regular and ongoing college-level courses on various topics such as mythology, fairytales, alchemy, and astrology that may count toward a certificate in Depth Psychology. Find us at


Depth Insights

Depth Insights is home to the archives of Depth Insights Journal, podcast interviews by Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., and the new (2020) Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching. Our content, education, coaching, and coach training programs are grounded in soul-centered psychologies, including depth, Jungian, transpersonal, archetypal, and ecopsychologies. Just as the honeybee, with her multiple eyes and thousands of lenses, can see a spectrum of reality beyond what humans can conceive, we engage the powerful perspective of soul-centered psychologies to see beneath the surface of things and understand the archetypal patterns at work, opening us to transformation and joy. Learn more at


Jung Platform

Jung Platform At Jung Platform we are creating Jungian, depth psychological and spirituality related content by bringing together great teachers. We then develop programs which offer insights that are relevant for our world and which are accessible to a worldwide audience. We also provide temporary platforms of connection. These help participants and teachers to connect and engage, but also help course participants to connect with each other. Through our content and offerings, we aim to offer unique insights, support and practical guidance for the journey of life. Visit to learn more.


OPUS Archives and Research Center

OPUS Archives and Research Center. The mission of OPUS Archives and Research Center is to preserve, develop and extend to the world the archival collections and libraries of eminent scholars in the fields of depth psychology, mythology and the humanities. OPUS is a “living archive” and offers scholarships, research grants, educational programs, community events, and research access to the collections, both physically and digitally. OPUS is an active site for wonder and participation in the great questions of our time.

In addition to serving as a destination research facility, OPUS sponsors interdisciplinary dialogues, community networks, public forums, and creative conversation among researchers, scholars, students, and faculty from various disciplines on a broad series of topics relevant to the issues of the day and how they are informed by eminent scholars in the fields. Find out more at

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